Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Post-script... (and letting go)

In follow-up to yesterday's little rant about how there's absolutely no media communication at all about what happened with this whole black flag malarky - I just read the GP2 Insider magazine.

I love the GP2 Insider, it's short and sweet and teaches me often useless snippets of knowledge about GP2 drivers. (Vladimir Arabadzhiev likes playing football! File that one away for future dinner party conversation...)

I know it's only 6 pages long and is covering 2 race weekends... but this edition doesn't even mention that Pastor got black flagged!

So yep, it still seems that I'm pretty much on my own in the realm of 'people who give a damn about this issue'. Oh well. I'll just have to let it go. Instead I'm going to refocus on the fact that he's broken the GP2 records by winning 5 feature races in a row. Clever Pastor. :-)

Click to read the GP2 Insider and find out about Vladimir's other hobbies...

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  1. LouLovesMotorsport4 August 2010 at 19:53

    I'm not alone - someone else is talking about Pastor too: http://gp2insider.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/pastor-not-a-sunday-driver/

    Nice article, and unfortunately correct in that his Sunday form is just terrible. Mid-field is a dangerous place in GP2, but I just wish he could keep himself out of trouble! I'll be at Spa, cheering him on like crazy, so hopefully that'll make all the difference for him on the Sunday...